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Russkiy Toy

Russkiy Toy

The Little Russian Dog, also known as the Russkiy Toy, is a breed of dog that originated in Russia. It is considered one of the smallest dog breeds in the world, usually weighing between 1.5 and 3 kg, with a height of 20 to 28 cm at the withers.

The Little Russian Dog has a small, triangular head with expressive eyes and large, erect ears. It has a slender, slender body, with a slender, often curled tail. The breed comes in two coat types: short-haired and long-haired. Coat colors include black, brown, fawn, blue, and red, often with white markings.

Russkiy Toys are intelligent, lively and affectionate dogs. They tend to be very attached to their owner and have a strong personality. They can be reserved around strangers, but with the proper socialization and training from an early age, they can be gentle and affectionate companion dogs for the whole family.

Russkiy Toys need regular exercise, although their small size means they can meet some of their exercise needs indoors. They are also known for their longevity, with an average lifespan of 12 to 16 years.

Overall, the Russian Little Dog is an adorable, cheerful, and affectionate dog breed that can be a perfect companion for people looking for a small companion dog.

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