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Setter Gordon

Dog Setter Gordon

The Gordon Setter is a distinguished and elegant breed of dog, known for its black and tan coat and noble bearing. Originating from Scotland, this dog is named after the Duke of Gordon, who contributed to its development in the 19th century.

The Gordon Setter is the largest of the setter breeds, with a weight typically ranging from 20 to 36 kilograms. Males measure between 60 and 69 centimeters at the withers, while females are slightly smaller. Its coat is primarily black with distinctive tan markings on the head, legs, and lower body.

This dog is valued for its calm and balanced temperament. It is intelligent, loyal, and deeply affectionate towards its family. Although it may be reserved with strangers, it is generally friendly and patient, making it an excellent family companion.

The Gordon Setter has been bred as a hunting dog, specialized in locating and pointing game birds. Its attentive nature and endurance make it a competent hunter in varied terrains. Outside of hunting, it can be used as a therapy dog due to its gentle temperament, and some are trained as assistance dogs. Although it is not commonly used as a guard or working dog, its intelligence and trainability could make it suitable for these roles.

The Gordon Setter is a traditional hunting dog and a devoted family companion. Its beautiful black and tan coat, imposing size, and amiable character make it a popular choice for those seeking an active yet affectionate dog. While it is primarily used for hunting, its qualities also make it a suitable candidate for therapy and assistance roles.

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