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Fox Terrier

Dog Fox Terrier

The Fox Terrier is an energetic, bold, and intelligent dog breed. There are two varieties of Fox Terrier: the smooth-haired Fox Terrier and the wire-haired Fox Terrier.

The Smooth-Coated Fox Terrier has a short, dense, and smooth coat, while the Wire-Coated Fox Terrier has a thicker, rougher coat. Both varieties have athletic, well-proportioned bodies, with a wedge-shaped head, dark, lively eyes, and "V"-shaped ears carried erect.

The size of the Fox Terrier generally varies between 35 and 40 cm at the withers, and its weight is around 10 kg. It is compact, yet muscular and agile, with a lively and energetic gait.

The character of the Fox Terrier is often described as being alert, lively and courageous. He is very intelligent and has a strong hunting instinct, which can translate into a strong desire to chase prey or dig. The Fox Terrier is also an affectionate and loyal dog to its family, but can be suspicious of strangers.

The Fox Terrier needs regular exercise to release its energy and avoid destructive behavior. Daily walks, interactive play and mental stimulation are important for his physical and mental well-being.

In terms of health, the Fox Terrier is generally a hardy breed, but can be predisposed to certain hereditary conditions, such as eye problems, skin disorders, and allergies. Regular veterinary care, a balanced diet, and proper hygiene are essential to maintaining a Fox Terrier's health.

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