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Dog Powder-Puff

The Powder-Puff is a variety of the dog breed called the Chinese Crested. It is a small to medium sized dog (4 kg, 30 cm), with a distinctive appearance and a double coat variety.

The Powder-Puff has a medium-sized head, almond-shaped eyes, and erect, erect ears. His body is well proportioned, with a deep chest and a straight back line. What sets him apart the most is his soft, silky coat that covers his entire body.

The Powder-Puff's coat is made up of long, fine hair, similar to that of a long-haired dog. It can have different colors and color combinations, providing a wide variety of appearances.

The Powder-Puff requires regular maintenance of the coat to avoid knots and tangles. Daily brushing is recommended to keep the coat silky and healthy. Some owners also choose to clip the coat around the legs and face to give it a neater look.

The Powder-Puff is known to be an affectionate, playful, and social dog. He generally gets along well with children and other pets. He is a bit shy or reserved around strangers, but with proper socialization he can become friendly.

The Powder-Puff is an intelligent and easily trainable dog. He enjoys agility, obedience and obstacle activities. However, it is also important to provide adequate mental stimulation to avoid boredom.

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