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Dog Yorkshire

The Yorkshire Terrier, often called "Yorkie", is a small dwarf dog breed originating from England. Yorkshire Terriers weigh between 1.5 and 3.5 kg and stand between 15 and 23 cm in height.

Their body is compact and well-proportioned, with a moderately broad chest and a straight, short back. They have fine bones and well-developed muscles despite their small size.

Their head is proportionally small compared to their body, with a rather flat skull and a medium snout. Their eyes are large, round and bright, and their expression is lively and intelligent. Their ears are erect and carried high on the head.

The coat of the Yorkshire Terrier is characterized by its silky and fine texture, generally long and straight. It is often blue and tan in color, with a steel blue coat on the body and tan markings (usually dark brown or golden) on the face, ears, chest, and legs.

Yorkshire Terriers are often described as being brave, alert, energetic and full of confidence. They are also known for their intelligence and inquisitive nature. Despite their small size, they can be determined and independent. They are very attached to their owner and can be loyal and affectionate companions.

Due to their long, silky coat, Yorkshire Terriers require regular coat maintenance, including daily brushing to avoid knots and tangles. They also need moderate exercise and regular dental care to maintain their overall health.

The Yorkshire is a small dog of English origin, resulting from the crossing of Scottish and local terriers. He has a long, silky, black and tan coat, which requires regular maintenance. It is a lively, alert, affectionate and stubborn dog, which adapts well to life in an apartment. It measures between 15 and 25 cm at the withers and weighs between 2 and 3 kg. It is used as a companion and competition dog.

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