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Dog Schipperke

The Schipperke is a breed of dog originating from Belgium. He is known for his distinctive appearance and lively, energetic temperament.

The Schipperke is a small, well-proportioned and sturdy dog. He has a compact and muscular figure, with a deep chest and a short back. Its head is proportionate to the body, with a short snout and almond-shaped eyes that are usually dark in color. The ears are erect and small in size giving them an alert appearance.

Its coat is a distinct characteristic of the Schipperke. It is double, with a soft, dense undercoat, covered with a harder, longer outer coat that forms a ruff around the neck and a fringe along the limbs. The most common color for the Schipperke is black, but it can also be brown, fawn or cream.

The Schipperke has a lively, intelligent, and fearless personality. He is known to be full of energy and enthusiasm. He is also curious, alert and watchful, which makes him a good watchdog. Despite its small size, the Schipperke is often described as bold and confident.

As a companion, the Schipperke is devoted to his family and enjoys being involved in all activities. He is generally friendly with family members, including children, but can be suspicious of strangers. The Schipperke is also known for its independence and can be slightly stubborn, requiring consistent and firm training.

In terms of care, the Schipperke's coat requires regular brushing to maintain cleanliness and prevent tangles. He has a moderate seasonal shedding and may shed more during this period. Regular dental care, such as tooth brushing, is important for maintaining good oral health.

The Schipperke is an active dog that needs regular exercise to exercise physically and mentally. Daily walks, interactive games and stimulating activities are recommended to meet his exercise needs.

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