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Dog Westie

The Westie, also known as the West Highland White Terrier, is a dog breed that originated in Scotland. Westies are small dogs, usually weighing between 6 and 10 kg, with a height of 25 to 28 cm at the withers. They have a round head, dark eyes, V-shaped ears, and a lively, alert expression.

Their coat is white, dense and double, meaning they have a soft undercoat and a rough outer coat. Westies have bold, friendly, and playful personalities, and are considered to be loyal and loving companions.

Westies are terriers and are therefore naturally curious, active and energetic. They need daily physical exercise and mental stimulation to avoid becoming bored and developing destructive behaviors. They can also be stubborn and independent, making training and socialization important from an early age.

Overall, the Westie is a charming and lively dog breed that can be a wonderful companion for people who have the time and energy to meet their exercise and socialization needs.

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