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Castro Laboreiro Dog

Castro Laboreiro Dog

The Castro Laboreiro Dog is an ancient and noble breed named after the village of Castro Laboreiro in Portugal. This sturdy and resilient dog was bred to protect livestock in the rugged mountainous regions.

The Castro Laboreiro Dog sports a thick and waterproof coat that is essential for withstanding the harsh weather conditions of its native region. The coat color varies from gray to black, with shades that can range from yellow to reddish. Males of this breed average between 25 and 35 kg in weight and measure between 58 and 64 cm at the withers, while females are slightly smaller and lighter.

Traditionally, the Castro Laboreiro Dog is not used as a hunting dog but rather as a guard dog and for livestock protection. Its vigilant and protective nature makes it an excellent guardian. Although it is not commonly employed as a therapy or assistance dog, its calm temperament and loyalty could make it suitable for these roles with proper training.

As a companion dog, the Castro Laboreiro Dog is affectionate and devoted to its family, although it may be reserved around strangers. It is not widely recognized as a sport dog, but its strength and endurance could be utilized in activities such as canicross or hiking.

The Castro Laboreiro Dog is a breed that excels in its traditional role as a flock protector. With its resistant coat and protective nature, it is perfectly suited to outdoor life and guarding tasks. While it may not be the first choice for hunting, therapy, or canine sports, it possesses the necessary qualities to adapt to these activities with the right training. Loyal and loving with its family, it can be a wonderful domestic companion for those who appreciate a dog with a strong and independent character.

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