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Greenland Dog

Greenland Dog

The Greenland Dog, also known as the Greenlandic Dog, is an ancient and robust breed, raised by the Inuit people for hunting and transportation in Arctic regions. This working dog is recognized for its strength, endurance, and ability to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The Greenland Dog is a large breed, with females weighing between 30 to 32 kilograms and males between 32 to 34 kilograms. Their height typically ranges from 55 to 60 centimeters at the withers. Its thick double coat allows it to survive in cold climates, with colors ranging from black, gray, and white, to fawn and sand, often with combinations of these colors.

This dog is known for its independence and strong character. It is loyal and protective of its master but can be aloof with strangers. Early socialization is important to develop its sociable behavior. It is also intelligent and can be trained for various tasks, although it can sometimes be stubborn.

The Greenland Dog is primarily used as a working dog, especially for pulling sleds and for hunting, particularly seal and polar bear hunting. While it is not traditionally used as a therapy or assistance dog, its calm temperament and protective nature could make it suitable for these roles. It is not commonly considered a companion dog due to its high exercise needs and independence, but it can adapt to family life with an experienced owner who understands its needs.

The Greenland Dog is a powerful and enduring breed, suited for harsh environments and demanding tasks. Although it is primarily a working dog, with the right training and a suitable environment, it can also become a loyal and protective companion. Its versatility and resilience make it a valuable member for those living in conditions similar to its natural habitat or who engage in regular outdoor activities.

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