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Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Dog Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is a breed of dog originating from Czechoslovakia, created at the beginning of the 20th century by the crossing of German Shepherds and Carpathian Wolves. This dog is known for its strength, endurance and intelligence.

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is medium to large in size. Males generally measure between 65 and 75 cm at the shoulder, while females measure between 60 and 70 cm. The average weight generally varies between 20 and 35 kg.

Its thick, dense coat is usually yellow-gray, silver-gray, or black in color. Its head is lupoid, with erect ears and a bushy tail.

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is an independent and proud dog, but it is also very loyal to its owner. He is intelligent and easy to train, but he can also be stubborn and independent. He is calm and collected indoors, but he loves to run and play outdoors.

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog was initially bred as a working and defense dog in the Czechoslovakian army. It is used as a guard dog, search and rescue, tracking and assistance dog for people with disabilities. He is also an excellent companion dog for active people who enjoy spending time outdoors.

The Czechoslovakian Wolfdog is not a dog for everyone. He needs an active owner who can provide him with plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. It is also important to socialize the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog from a young age so that he is comfortable around other people and animals.

If you are looking for a sturdy, intelligent and independent dog, the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog may be an excellent choice.

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