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Gascon Saintongeois

Gascon Saintongeois

The Gascon Saintongeois is a breed of dog that embodies elegance and power. Originating from France, specifically from the Saintonge region, this dog is a direct descendant of the Saint Hubert’s dogs.

The Gascon Saintongeois is distinguished by its tricolor coat, mainly white with black patches and tan markings above the eyes, on the cheeks, and sometimes on the legs. Its imposing size is one of its most notable features, with males measuring between 65 and 72 cm at the withers and weighing between 30 and 35 kg, while females are slightly smaller and lighter.

The Gascon Saintongeois is primarily a hunting dog, renowned for its exceptional sense of smell and its ability to follow trails over long distances. It is particularly valued for hunting large game such as deer and wild boar. Although it is not commonly used as a therapy or assistance dog, its calm temperament and friendly nature could make it suitable for these roles with proper training.

As a guard dog, it can be effective due to its sonorous bark and deterrent presence. As a companion dog, it is loyal and affectionate with its family, although it requires plenty of exercise and space to thrive. The Gascon Saintongeois is not typically considered a sporting dog, but it can participate in activities like canicross, thanks to its endurance.

The Gascon Saintongeois is a majestic and versatile dog, primarily used for hunting due to its superior olfactory abilities and endurance. Its imposing stature and balanced temperament make it an excellent guard dog and a devoted companion. Although it is not the usual choice for therapy or assistance, it has the potential to excel in these areas with the right training. For active families and passionate hunters, the Gascon Saintongeois is an exceptional choice that brings both skill and companionship.

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