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Clumber Spaniel

Dog Clumber Spaniel

The Clumber Spaniel is a breed of dog known for its sturdy stature and relaxed demeanor. Originating from England, it is often associated with nobility and traditional hunting.

The Clumber Spaniel has a dense and soft coat, primarily white with orange or lemon spots, particularly on the ears and around the eyes. It has a massive head with a broad forehead, and its eyes are dark and expressive. Males typically measure between 48 and 51 centimeters at the withers, while females are a bit smaller. The weight ranges from 25 to 39 kilograms, making it a medium-sized dog but the heaviest of the spaniels.

Historically, the Clumber Spaniel is a hunting dog, specialized in flushing and retrieving game in dense cover. Its calm nature and methodical pace make it an excellent dog for walking up game. Although it is not commonly used as a therapy or assistance dog, its gentle temperament and affectionate nature could make it suitable for these roles. It is also not recognized as a guard dog due to its friendly temperament. As a companion dog, it is valued for its loyalty and ability to integrate into family life.

The Clumber Spaniel is a talented hunting dog and a loving family companion. With its spotted white coat, modest size, and placid behavior, it adapts well to a quiet life and can participate in outdoor activities with its owners. While it may not be the most obvious choice for specialized roles like therapy, it has the potential to serve in these capacities with the right training. For those seeking a peaceful and friendly dog, the Clumber Spaniel is an excellent choice.

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