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Dogue de Majorque

Dogue de Majorque

The Dogue de Majorque, also known as the Ca de Bou, is a robust and powerful dog breed originating from the island of Majorca in Spain. This breed is valued for its strength, courage, and calm temperament.

The Dogue de Majorque has a short and rough coat, typically fawn to brindle in color, with shades ranging from dark brown to black. It is well-muscled and has a solid build, with an average weight of 35 to 38 kg for males and 30 to 34 kg for females. Males measure between 55 and 58 cm at the withers, while females are slightly smaller.

Although the Dogue de Majorque has historically been used for bullfighting and as a guard dog, it is not commonly used as a hunting dog. Its protective nature and guarding instinct make it an excellent guard dog. It is also valued as a companion dog due to its loyalty and affection for its family.

The Dogue de Majorque is not traditionally a therapy or assistance dog, but its stable temperament could make it suitable for these roles with specialized training. It is also not considered a sporting dog, but it can engage in physical activities that match its strength and endurance.

The Dogue de Majorque is an imposing and confident dog, known for its protective ability and calm behavior at home. It may not be the first choice for hunting or canine sports, but it excels in its role as a guardian and faithful companion. With proper socialization and training, the Dogue de Majorque can adapt to various environments and be a valuable family member.

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