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Dog Barbet

The Barbet is a breed of hunting dog originating in France, which is also known as the "French water dog".

The Barbet is a medium to large sized dog with a well-proportioned, muscular body. Its head is large with a domed skull, a short, broad muzzle, and round, expressive eyes. Its ears are drooping and set low on the head. Its coat is dense, curly, and waterproof, with a variety of colors possible, including black, brown, gray, fawn, and white.

The Barbet is an intelligent and very obedient hunting dog, renowned for its friendly, cheerful and energetic nature. The Barbet is known for its aptitude for aquatic hunting, due to its waterproof coat and its passion for water. It is highly valued by hunters as it excels in searching, retrieving, and hunting waterfowl, such as ducks and waterfowl. It is also used for hunting small terrestrial game, such as rabbits and partridges.

In company, the Barbet is very pleasant due to its friendly and affectionate nature.

The curly coat of the Barbet requires regular grooming to prevent the formation of knots and material. Regular brushing and professional grooming are necessary to keep his coat in good condition. The Barbet should also be bathed regularly to prevent their coat from becoming dirty or smelly. As a hunting dog, the Barbet needs regular exercise to stay fit and happy. Frequent walks, exercise in the water, and fetching activities are recommended to satisfy his needs for exercise and mental stimulation.

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