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Shar Pei

Dog Shar Pei

The Shar Pei is a dog breed native to China, known for its distinctive wrinkled skin and calm personality. The breed is believed to be over 2,000 years old.

Males generally measure between 46 and 51 cm at the withers, while females measure between 46 and 51 cm. The average weight generally varies between 18 and 25 kg.

The Shar Pei has a compact, muscular body, with a broad, straight back. It has a square and robust look.

The Shar-Pei's most distinctive feature is its loose, wrinkled skin, which forms distinct folds all over the body, especially on the head and neck.

The head is broad and flat, with a short, broad muzzle. The skull is broad and flat, with characteristic wrinkles on the forehead.

The eyes are small, dark and set into the folds of the skin. The ears are of medium size, thick and triangular, they are carried straight and spread to the sides of the head.

The Shar Pei has a short, shaggy coat that can be sand, fawn, black, or chocolate in color. Some individuals may have lighter markings on their face and body.

The Shar Pei is known for its calm, independent temperament and loyalty to its family. He can be reserved around strangers, but is generally affectionate with those close to him. He is an intelligent and sometimes stubborn dog, which requires consistent and positive training from a young age.

Although the Shar Pei is a calm dog indoors, he needs daily exercise to stay healthy. Regular walks and play sessions in a secure garden are recommended.

The Shar Pei can be prone to skin problems due to its folds, eye problems and breathing problems due to its unique body shape.

As a family dog, the Shar-Pei requires early and ongoing socialization to ensure balanced behavior with family members, children and other pets.

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