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Dog Dalmatian

The Dalmatian is a dog breed well known for its distinctive spotted coat and elegant appearance. He is originally from Dalmatia, a region of Croatia.

It is a medium-sized dog, hound type, with a white coat spotted with black or brown. Males generally measure between 56 and 61 cm at the withers, while females measure between 54 and 59 cm. Dalmatian spots are generally well defined and evenly distributed across the body. No particular scheme is preferred. The average weight generally varies between 23 and 27 kg.

The Dalmatian has a muscular and well-proportioned body. The chest is deep, the back is straight and the croup is slightly arched. The limbs are straight and strong.

The coat is short, dense and smooth. The most distinctive feature is its white coat with black spots. However, there are also Dalmatians with brown or liver spots.

The head is medium sized with a flat skull. The muzzle is straight and the ears are medium sized, triangular and carried straight.

The eyes are round, shiny, brown or dark blue in color.

The Dalmatian is often described as energetic, intelligent, sociable and playful. He has a lively personality and can be affectionate towards his family. Originally a working dog, it can have high energy and require regular exercise.

The Dalmatian is a breed that requires a lot of exercise. Walks, active play and mental stimulation are essential to stave off boredom.

The Dalmatian may be predisposed to certain health conditions, including deafness (more common in white coated individuals) and kidney problems. Proper nutrition and regular veterinary care are important.

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