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German Spaniel

Dog German Spaniel

The German Spaniel, also known as the Deutscher Wachtelhund, is a breed of hunting dog native to Germany. It is a medium-sized dog, with a height at the withers of 48 to 54 cm for males and 45 to 52 cm for females. The average weight is generally between 18 and 27 kg. Its coat is long and wavy, sometimes curly. The head is proportionate to the rest of the body, with a slightly rounded skull. The eyes are medium sized, oval in shape and dark in color. The ears are set high, of medium size, and carried drooping.

The most distinctive feature of this breed is its dense, harsh coat. The coat is generally short, but not too fine. Color may vary, but is often dark brown.

The German Spaniel is a lively, courageous dog with a developed sense of smell. He is an affectionate dog and devoted to his family. He gets along well with children and other pets.

The German Spaniel is an excellent dog for hunting hare, fox and waterfowl. It can also be used as a blood search dog and as a companion dog.

The German Spaniel is a relatively easy to care for, robust and healthy dog. Its long coat requires regular brushing to remove dead hair and debris.

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