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Dog Billy

The Billy dog breed is a hunting dog originating from France, specifically from the Pyrenees region. It is a relatively rare and little known breed outside of its country of origin.

The Billy is a medium to large sized dog with a sleek, athletic build. He has strong bones and well-developed muscles. The height at the withers of males is around 60 to 70 centimeters, while females are usually between 58 and 68 centimeters.

The Billy's head is in proportion to the body, with a slightly domed skull and a moderately marked stop. Its eyes are medium in size, dark brown in color and express intelligence and alertness. The ears are set quite low, drooping and covered with fine hair.

Billy's coat is short, dense and weatherproof. The basic color is white, with patches of black or orange. Black markings can be present on the ears, around the eyes and at the base of the tail. Orange markings are usually found on the cheeks, limbs, and sometimes on the trunk.

The Billy is above all a hunting dog specialized in hunting big game, especially wild boar. It has excellent flair, good stamina and great agility, making it a popular hunting companion. It is known for its melodious and powerful voice which is used to alert the hunter when he has spotted prey.

In terms of temperament, the Billy is described as a balanced, intelligent, courageous and obedient dog. He is loyal to his master and shows great affection towards his family. However, he can also be independent and have strong hunting instincts, which requires firm and consistent training from an early age.

In summary, the Billy pedigree dog is a remarkable French hunting dog that is both aesthetically appealing and competent in its field. It requires an experienced owner who can provide it with the physical and mental activity it needs to thrive.

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