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Belgian Shepherd Tervuren

Dog Belgian Shepherd Tervuren

The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren is one of four varieties of Belgian Shepherd, characterized by its long, silky coat, which is either fawn charcoal or gray charcoal in color. It is named after the village of Tervuren, where it was selected in the late 19th century. It shares the same origins and standard as the other Belgian Shepherds: the Groenendael, the Malinois, and the Laekenois.

The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren is a lively, alert, intelligent, and affectionate dog with a strong herding and protective instinct. It is very close to its master and family, but can be reserved with strangers. It is also very attentive to its surroundings and to what is happening around it, which makes it a good watchdog. It gets along well with children and other animals, provided it is well educated and socialized from a young age.

The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren needs a lot of physical and mental exercise to channel its energy and curiosity. It is not made for a sedentary life, nor to be left alone for too long. It needs a fenced garden where it can run and play safely. It also appreciates activities that appeal to its intelligence and sense of work, such as agility, tracking, canicross, or flyball.

The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren has a long, thick coat that requires regular maintenance to prevent knots and parasites. It should be brushed at least once a week, and more often during shedding periods, in spring and fall. It is also necessary to check its ears, eyes, and teeth, and to cut its nails if necessary. The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren is a robust dog that does not have any health problems specific to its breed. However, it may be susceptible to certain diseases, such as hip dysplasia, epilepsy, cataracts, or allergies.

The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren is a magnificent dog with a lot of charm and personality. It is suitable for dynamic, responsible, and experienced people who can offer it a balanced life, between affection and discipline. If you wish to adopt a Belgian Shepherd Tervuren, be sure to learn about the breed and its needs, and contact a serious and recognized breeder. You will then have a faithful friend who will accompany you in all your adventures.

The Belgian Shepherd Tervuren is a shepherd and guard dog, which is distinguished by its long and silky hair, fawn or charcoal gray in color. He is intelligent, loyal, courageous and energetic, but he needs plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. He is very attached to his master and his family, but he can be reserved towards strangers. He has regular maintenance of his coat, and he has no health problems specific to his breed. It is suitable for active, responsible and experienced people.

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