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Italian Wirehaired Hound

Dog Italian Wirehaired Hound

The Italian Wirehaired Hound, also known as the "Segugio Italiano a Pelo Forte", is a breed of hunting dog native to Italy.

Males generally measure between 52 and 58 cm at the withers, while females measure between 48 and 54 cm.

The average weight generally varies between 16 and 30 kg.

The Italian Wirehaired Hound has a well-proportioned figure, the back is straight and the chest is deep.

As its name suggests, it has a hard, rough and dense coat. The hair is longer on the back and shorter on the rest of the body. The coat can vary in color, often with tones of fawn, red, black and gray.

The eyes are medium sized, oval, dark in color. The ears are set quite high, hanging and rather long.

The Italian Wirehaired Hound is known for its passionate, determined and tenacious nature. It is a dedicated hunting dog with excellent scent. As a companion dog he can be affectionate towards his family, but he may have a strong predisposition towards hunting and require adequate mental and physical stimulation.

The Italian Wirehaired Hound is generally a robust breed. Like all breeds, it can be prone to certain health conditions, but no major hereditary conditions are specifically associated with this breed.

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