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Montenegrin mountain hound

Montenegrin mountain hound

The Montenegro Mountain Hound, also called the Yugoslav Mountain Hound, formerly the Black Hound, is a breed of dog native to Montenegro. It is a medium-sized hound, 49–50 cm at the withers for males, 48–49 cm for females, with a solid and agile appearance, with a black and tan coat. The average weight generally varies between 20 and 30 kg.

The coat is short, dense, and close to the body. The basic color is black and tan, with distinct white markings on the chest, feet, tip of the tail and sometimes on the face. The coat is easy to maintain, just brush it regularly.

The head is well proportioned to the body, with a moderately broad skull. The muzzle is of medium length. The eyes are oval in shape, brown in color. The ears are set high, of medium size, and carried drooping.

As a pet, it requires early socialization and consistent training. He needs plenty of exercise, such as long walks, games or jogging. He is intelligent, affectionate and devoted, and he adapts well to family life. The Montenegrin Mountain Hound is a robust dog, adapted to life in harsh mountainous environments. It is used for hunting, particularly wild boar and deer hunting, and it has developed qualities as a reliable working dog.

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