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Dog Sloughi

The Sloughi, also known as the Arabian greyhound, is a breed of dog originating from North Africa, more precisely from the Maghreb. The Sloughi is a traditional hunting dog used to track and hunt game in the deserts and plains of North Africa. It is known for its speed, endurance and ability to hunt in difficult terrain. Due to its reserved temperament and strong hunting instinct, the Sloughi requires early socialization and consistent training to be a balanced companion in a domestic environment.

The Sloughi has a sleek, muscular body, with a slender, athletic silhouette. It has a deep chest, a straight back and long, powerful limbs. Her gait is graceful and fluid.

The Sloughi is a medium to large sized dog. Males generally measure between 66 and 72 cm at the shoulder, while females measure between 61 and 68 cm. The average weight varies between 16 and 27 kg.

The Sloughi has a short, tight coat, with a soft, smooth texture. It is dense and fits well to the body, providing good protection against the elements. The most common coat colors are fawn, sable, red, brindle and black. The Sloughi's head is elongated and well chiseled, with a flat skull and a slightly conical muzzle. The eyes are oval in shape and dark in color, expressing both liveliness and gentleness. The ears are of medium size, set high and carried drooping. Its tail is long and thin, and it is usually carried curled on the back.

The Sloughi is a calm, reserved dog that is loyal to its family. He is generally distant towards strangers but can be affectionate and attached to those close to him. It has a strong hunting instinct and can be very attentive to its surroundings. Although independent and sometimes reserved, the Sloughi is a devoted and sensitive companion who requires early socialization to develop confidence and assertiveness.

The Sloughi is a very active greyhound that needs plenty of exercise to stay happy and healthy. He enjoys long free runs where he can express his speed and grace. A well-fenced garden is recommended as the Sloughi may be inclined to pursue prey that seems interesting to it.

The Sloughi is a robust and healthy breed of dog, with no particular predisposition to hereditary health problems. However, like all large dog breeds, it can be prone to joint problems such as hip dysplasia.

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