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Dog Shikoku

The Shikoku, sometimes called Kochi-Ken, is a breed of dog native to Japan. It is one of the four breeds indigenous to Japan and is classified as a hunting dog breed.

The Shikoku is a medium-sized dog. Males typically measure between 48 and 55 cm at the shoulder, while females are slightly smaller, measuring between 43 and 50 cm. The average weight generally varies between 16 and 25 kg.

The Shikoku has a dense, straight coat that is hard to the touch. He has a double coat with a thick undercoat to protect him from harsh weather conditions. Coat colors can vary, but the most common are red, black, and sesame (a mix of black and red hair).

The head is proportionate to the body with a broad skull. The muzzle is moderately long. The eyes are triangular in shape, medium in size, dark brown in color. The expression is alert and intelligent. The ears are erect, of medium size, and carried slightly inclined forward.

The body is well muscled and compact. The tail is set high and carried curled over the back.

The Shikoku is described as an intelligent, loyal and courageous dog. It has a strong hunting instinct and is traditionally used for big game hunting in Japan. This breed is often reserved around strangers, but is loyal to its family. She can be independent and sometimes has a stoic attitude.

The Shikoku is an active breed that needs regular exercise. Due to his background as a hunting dog, he enjoys outdoor activities and stimulating games.

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