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Istrian Short-haired Hound

Dog Istrian Short-haired Hound

The Istrian Short-Coated Hound is a breed of dog native to the region of Istria, which is a peninsula shared by Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

The short-haired Istrian Hound is medium in size. Males typically measure between 48 and 58 cm at the shoulder, while females are slightly smaller, measuring between 45 and 55 cm.
The average weight generally varies between 18 and 25 kg.

As its name suggests, the hair of this breed is short, dense and lies well on the body. It is generally smooth and does not require excessive maintenance.

Coat color can vary, but is generally tricolor, with black, white, and tan markings.

The head of the Istrian Short-haired Hound is medium in size with a slightly rounded skull. Its eyes are oval in shape, dark in color and express an alert expression. The ears are of medium size, set high and carried drooping.

The Istrian Short-haired Hound is a hunting dog used mainly for tracking game. He is energetic, determined, and has a strong hunting instinct. The Istrian Short-haired Hound can be an excellent companion dog. He is affectionate, intelligent and easy to train. He gets along well with children and other pets. However, it is important to note that this is a dog that needs to be exercised a lot. He must have a large yard or field where he can run and play. It is also important to walk him regularly. These dogs are also known for their intelligence and independent nature. They can be reserved around strangers, but are generally devoted to their family.

Being a hunting breed, the Istrian Short-Coated Hound needs regular exercise to stay fit and happy. Outdoor activities, regular walks and the opportunity to follow trails are essential to meeting their energy and mental needs.

The Istrian Short-haired Hound is generally robust and in good health. Like all breeds, they can be predisposed to certain health conditions, but with proper care, a balanced diet and regular visits to the veterinarian, they can live a healthy life.

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