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Canaan Dog

Dog Canaan Dog

The Canaan Dog, also known as the Canaan Israel Dog, is an ancient dog breed that has its origins in the Middle East region of Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and the Sinai Peninsula. This breed was once used to guard herds and homes. The white color is relatively rare, most Canaan dogs have a sand, red-brown, black or variegated coat.

The Canaan dog is a medium-sized dog, with a height at the withers of 48 to 58 cm for males and 44 to 54 cm for females. The average weight generally varies between 18 and 25 kg.

The Canaan Dog's coat is medium length, dense, and can be either straight or slightly wavy. Coat color varies and can include tones of red, sand, cream, black and white. Some individuals have darker markings on their backs.

The head is proportionate to the body, with a slightly rounded skull. The muzzle is moderately long. The eyes are oval in shape, medium in size, and dark brown in color. The ears are erect and of medium size.

The Canaan Dog is an intelligent, alert and independent dog. Due to its history as a working and guard dog, it is often vigilant and reserved around strangers. He is a dog very loyal to his family, but he can be wary of strangers. It can also be territorial and have developed guarding instincts.

The Canaan dog is an excellent watchdog. He is territorial and protective of his family. He is also a good companion dog, and he can be a loyal and affectionate companion.

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